The old Troy Town at Open School East

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Troy Town Art Pottery is Aaron Angell's Ceramic Studio. It is a radical and psychedelic workshop for artists. It was opened in 2014 and has hosted over 60 artists in residence since then.

Troy Town focusses on properly consolidating ceramics within the plastic arts, rather than treating it as a special medium or one that only has certain functions or readings. The programme is devoted to enabling professional artists to work sculpturally, working with staff to achieve nuanced results. All glazes are produced in-house and our glaze library is designed cumulatively according to the wishes of resident artists. We fire with electric, gas, and wood.

Troy Town is also host to Town Gas, an innovative educational programme for local young people. A group of ten people are currently being trained in all aspects of ceramic production, and also the running of further workshops for other community groups. Town Gas is initially a two year programme and will eventually lead to some members of the group occupying paid positions at the pottery.

Access to the pottery and its facilities for artists is currently available on an invite-only basis. If you are an artist who has a proposal for working at the pottery which you believe would be of interest, please email this to

Troy Town is supported by Arts Council England and Create. It has previously been supported by Open School East.

Troy Town Art Pottery

156 Hoxton Street


N1 6SH